St. Mark's Students Won First Prize In International Youth Robotics Competition 2015
St. Mark's International School community is pleased to announce that during the June 2015 International Youth Robotics Competition,  our students, Aaron and Shawn from Year 6 and Jeremiah from Year 4 won first place in the team competition.  Additionally, Aaron also won first place on individual prize.  Due to their remarkable talents and success, our students have been selected to compete nationally.
As an individual, Aaron has made a name for our School by designing, building and maneouvering a remote controlled robot that rapidly moved through a maze, achieving all of the objectives of the competition in a short period of time.
As a team of three, our students successfully designed, built and maneouvered their remote controlled robots, competing in robot ball games against other contesting teams.  Our team was undefeated during the event and achieved stunning scores.
Robotics is taught to our primary and middle school students as an extra-curricular activity on a weekly basis.  For more information regarding our robotics class, please contact our Admission Office.