St. Mark’s Alumni Association

All former students of St. Mark’s International School are considered members of the St. Mark’s Alumni Association. The Association focuses on encouraging former students to maintain their affinity with the School and with each another by fostering communication between our alumni, the School and currently enrolled students through the organising of professional exchange, social and sporting events and the publishing of periodic updates on school events and activities. 

If you have been a former student of St. Mark's International School, and would like to receive news from St. Mark’s Alumni Association please click here and type "St. Mark's Alumni," under our Subject section, and fill in your name and contact details accordingly, and we will contact you shortly. 
If  you have any updates to share with us, we would be happy to hear from you, whether it be your success, happy moments or sad experiences.  We look forward to your continued participation in the life of St. Mark’s International School.