Extra-Curricular Activities
Flowing from St. Mark's special focus on pastoral care and individual attention, each student's needs and preferences are accommodated within the co-curricular selections, offering both breadth of experience, as well as depth or specialisation as appropriate.

Bible Club (Monday)

Alive Bible Club offers students who are interested in spiritual development to grow in their understanding and experience of God.

 Soccer (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

As a team sport, soccer will build coordination and collaboration skills, as well as sportsmanship through teamwork. The establishment of a new soccer team will allow those who join to exemplify their team spirit while competing against other schools.

Table Tennis (Tuesday)

Table tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of any age and physical ability. Playing table tennis is a great way to stimulate the brain and promote quick thinking while improving hand-eye coordination. Table tennis is a low-injury risk sport that keeps one fit and flexible, without putting severe stress on joints. Playing table tennis increases one's agility and flexibility, and most of all their reaction time. Table tennis is the most popular racket sport in the world.

Ball Games (Wednesday)

For those who enjoy friendly competition, our Ball Games ECA not only provides an outlet for physical energy but also teaches sportsmanship, good conduct and the importance and necessity of teamwork.

English Club (Wednesday)

The promise of ASEAN and the AEC requires a passion for the English language.  Our English Club allows students to go beyond the boundaries of the classroom to the world of language immersion, improving comprehension, debate and writing skills.

Creative Arts (Friday)

Those with an artistic bent will really enjoy our Creative Arts class.  Participating students are able to go way beyond the regular constraints of Art class and are encouraged to try new media and techniques, perfecting the skills of artistic expression to bring their imaginings to life.


Badminton (Friday)

Badminton provides the chance to develop eye-hand coordination and is an aid to everall fitness as well as a fine venue for friendly competition, stretching the limits of strength and flexibility.

Swimming Club *(Tuesday and Thursday)

Similar to Taekwondo, swimming is more than just a means of staying fit. It relaxes, soothes and helps the mind to focus through the release of necessary brain chemistry to provide both a sound mind as well as a healthy body.
This ECA carries a fee of 6,500 Baht per semester.

Taekwondo * (Wednesday)

Practising Taekwondo helps individuals develop in both body and mind. More than just a sport, an exercise or self-protection, Taekwondo helps in developing the mental clarity and focus necessary to excel academically and in all the endeavours of life.
This ECA carries a fee of 3,500 Baht per semester.

Robotics* (Friday)

If technology, electronics, engineering and computer programming appeal to your child, help them develop those skills with hands-on experience in the building and programming of live, working robots. In this class, students are challenged to design and build robots that are able to accomplish specific tasks with efficiency and reliability.
This ECA carries a fee of 6,500 Baht per semester.


Those who really love music are seldom satisfied with just a taste.  For this reason, we offer group and individual instruction in piano, pleasing both the soul and the thirst for melodic expression.


Developing skills in the violin requires self-discipline and great patience.  These are but two of the skills we seek to develop in our violin students.


The Kim is a traditional Thai musical instrument similar to a dulcimer that provides a very pleasing sound.  Learning the Kim requires dexterity and strong mental focus.


Learning to play the Ranad is an integral part of the experience of most Thai students.  Similar to a xylophone, the Ranad is a traditional Thai wooden instrument.            

Thai Dance (Friday)

Traditional Thai dance involves not only intricate movements but requires grace and self-control to master this beautiful art form.