Admissions To Top Destinations Worldwide

We are pleased that over the past years, many of our students have attained outstanding results enabling them to gain acceptance into prestigious schools and universities worldwide.  The following are some of our students' success stories

Hwa Chong International - Singapore

Supachai studied at St. Mark's since Nursery and took an admission examination at Hwa Chong for a place in Secondary 3 in November 2013.  We would like to congratulate him on his achievement in securing a place at this prestigious school. Please click here to view Acceptance Letter from Hwa Chong International School.

River Valley High - Singapore

Rairom studied at St. Mark's since Nursery and after completing her Year 6, her mother decided to have her take an admission test at River Valley.  During the admission test, she was contested against thousands of local Singaporeans and to her delight, she was the only Thai student throughout the school's history to have been selected.  Her mother came to thank the School for this success. She mentioned that River Valley adopts higher Chinese program, and since none of her family members has the capability to teach Rairom in English or Mandarin, Rairom’s achievement is a result of her 10-year education at St. Mark's.  Please click here to view Acceptance Letter from River Valley.
In March 2015's Year 10 examination, Rairom has made it to the top, achieving first rank in Geography at River Valley High School, one of Singapore's top secondary school.  The recent examination has opened a new chapter for Rairom since she is now securing a top student position in Geography among 200 or so students in the level, obtaining a score of 91 percent.  To view her examination result and her ranking, please click here.

Ateneo - The Philippines

Alaina studied at St. Mark's since Pre-Preparatory and after completing Year 3, her mother decided to have her take an admission test at Ateneo School in the Philippines.  With her flying colour performance, she was able to secure a place at this elite school with ease.  As a new student in that school, she capabilities stand out and she was selected to take many leadership roles in the school.  She was also selected to represent Ateneo for an international mathematics competition in Hong Kong.  

99 Percentile in SAT Mathematics

Patrick was a former student of St. Mark's.  He believes that the strong mathematics foundation he received from St. Mark's has enabled him to excel in mathematics during his later years of schooling.  In the recent SAT examination, he was able to achieve a score in the 99 percentile for mathematics.