Uniqueness of Our Program


Our education program is unique and over the past years, many of our students have attained outstanding results enabling them to gain acceptance into prestigious schools worldwide. This includes Singapore's top high schools, such as Hwa Chong and River Valley. Listed below are our school's distinctives in summary.


We warmly welcome you to our school. Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact our admissions staff.




Truly tri-lingual program where students are disciplined to master their speaking, reading and writing skills in English, Mandarin and Thai


Rigorous world - class Australian English curriculum


Highly-acclaimed Singaporean mathematics and science program


Expansive provision for exceptional academic, cultural, social and physical development of our students


High quality teaching and learning programs relevant to individual students' needs


Authentically international environment with more than 50 per cent of our students coming from international backgrounds


Consistent administration of standardized external assessments to measure students' ability in English, Mandarin and Mathematics, ensuring that their abilities meet internationally recognised standards


Rich and well-resourced enrichment and extension programs, including comprehensive learning support and extra-curricular programs

Outstanding opportunities in a variety of sports as well as music, dance and choir


Commitment to nurturing positive attitudes toward learning and fostering an ethic of learning for life