St. Mark’s International School is the first Australian international school in Thailand.  Established in 1999, St. Mark’s seeks to provide excellence in tri-lingual international education within a caring Christian environment, with the mission of laying a firm foundation to equipped young students for an academically and personally fulfilling life.  At St. Mark’s, we aim to challenge and inspire each student and help develop the skills and confidence to enable our students to strive towards achieving personal goals and to contribute to the wider community.


We believe that the future provides promising avenues for competent young people who possess skills in several languages including English, Mandarin and Thai. Today's young people not only need to have language skills, but also possess good cognitive skills and be individuals of fine moral character who are physically fit and optimistic about life. These are the primary values that St. Mark's tries to develop in our students, hoping that students will become successful and valuable citizens of tomorrow's world. At St. Mark's International School, we aim to challenge and inspire each student and help develop the necessary skills and confidence to enable students to strive towards achieving their personal goals and to contribute to the wider community.


St. Mark's community is truly international. It is small enough for us to focus on each student as a unique individual learner, yet large enough to be able to offer a broad range of choices, within the formal curriculum as well as co-curricular activities.


We are firmly committed to providing the best possible learning environment. We utilises a modified Australian-Singaporean curriculum, combining the renowned Australian English curriculum with rigorous Singaporean mathematics, science and Mandarin, providing a "best of both worlds" environment for our students. Our students are encouraged to develop a lifelong love of learning. We help them to develop confidence, resilience and self - esteem in an environment which encourages respect for the individual, together with tolerance and understanding of others.


From Early Years on through to High School, each student is provided with a structured learning environment best suited to their developmental and learning needs where student individuality is valued and each one is allowed to develop his or her own voice. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership and organisational skills in a supportive and stimulating environment in which effort and excellence are recognised and highly valued.


Opportunities and choices abound in the twenty-first century and today's young people face a myriad of decisions about their futures. At St. Mark’s International School, we seek to give young students the knowledge, skills and confidence to make their own choices, leading them to a diverse range of tertiary courses and careers, and preparing them to meet the exciting challenges ahead in the future.


An excellent education is the best gift we can give our young people today. We warmly invite you to see what St. Mark's International School has to offer your child.