Middle Years Program (Year 7 - 8)

The Middle Years curriculum provides an exciting, innovative and vibrant learning environment and opportunities. The curriculum aims to engage students and foster their interests in major key learning areas. 
Adoping a mixed curriculum that takes the best of Singpapore's Mathematics, Science and  Mandarin program, together with an innovative and solid Australian and Cambridge approved curriculum, students are equipped with a solid foundation, which will successfully prepares them for the Year 9 and 10 Cambridge IGCSE Program.   
The middle years of schooling are a time for learning and development.  It is very important for students to practise and gain skills in all key learning areas. Our broad and comprehensive curriculum ensures each student develops skills and knowledge in all the learning areas and helps student to begin identifying where their interests and strengths lie.  We carefully plan and design our curriculum to ensure that students will receive a strong educational foundation and possess a competitive edge to meet the challenges of IGCSE examination in Year 9 and 10.  
Through our Entrepreneurship Education students are given ample opportunities to learn from real-life experiences through running and working on small businesses of their own.  Through this experience and with close guidance from our teachers, students develop crucial skills in working collaboratively with one another, making calculated decisions, applying language, mathematics, science, arts and technology skills to real-life.  Through this learning opportunity, students discover for themselves the purpose of learning and learn to appreciate the value of work.  The 2-year program offers a great moment of learning, discovery and joy for every students.

Key Learning Area
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