Primary Program (Year 1 to 6)
The aim of our Primary Program is to intellectually stimulate and personally support each student in developing a life-long love of learning.  The broad and balanced curriculum has depth and breadth that reflect the complexities of today’s world.  Within the curriculum structure, there is flexibility to focus on each individual.  The Primary Years build solid foundations for later learning with an emphasis on mastery of basic skills of literacy, numeracy and scientific knowledge, as well as developing cultural understanding, problem solving and personal and interpersonal skills.  Particular interest is placed upon students achieving high standard in literacy and numeracy, thereby establishing skills essential for success in all areas of learning.
Our students are given opportunity to learn 3 languages and language learning is fostered through a broad and challenging core curriculum, where students are given the chance to strive for their personal best. Our language curriculum in English, Mandarin and Thai are well-regarded for their breadth as well as depth, and are aimed at developing competent speaking, reading and writing skills in our primary students.
The primary curriculum builds a solid foundation in Mathematics and the Sciences in our students. Adopting Singapore's Mathematics and Science curriculum, we recognise the importance of a solid understanding of numeracy and the sciences, and our curriculum facilitates each student's acquisition of these fundamental skills.  Our students' learning is enhanced by stimulating hands-on mathematics manipulatives, games and laboratory experiments, through our well-balanced curriculum.  
Critical and Creative Thinking is integrated in English, Mathematics, Science, Studies of Society and Environment and Technology. Extensions are made with the discussion of these subjects which will enhance students’ critical and creative ability.
Values education forms a vital part of our primary program where we try to "live" our mission statement and convey Christian values of courtesy, honesty, consideration, cooperation, and acceptance of others.

Key Learning Area
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