Music Opportunties

From early years to secondary school, students are encouraged to become involved in a wide range of musical and artistic activities, which foster their musical, social and emotional progress. Complementing the pursuit of academic betterment and maximising each student's potential, these activities provide occasion to experience and expand existing or new interests and to cultivate musical and artistic talents, as well as, teamwork abilities.

Music Performance

Music can always be fun even during practice and rehearsal time. The band has gotten off to a good start and they are developing good experiences and friendships.


The piano is the foundation of our music program here at St. Mark's.  The discipline, patience and concentration necessary to develop skills in piano are applicable not only to the acquisition of skills in other instruments but also provide the foundation for a rich and balanced life.


For those with even wider musical interests, the violin provides not only increasing challenge but also entry into the wider world of the Arts, including the development of performance skills.

Thai Music

Thai music has a character all its own and it's performance requires an array of instrumentation.  Our students are taught the basics of Thai music and for those who wish to go deeper, we provide those opportunites as well.

School Choir

Throughout the year, our students have many opportunities for performance in song.  Our school choir performs for special events and helps build confidence  and ease  in public presentation.