Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials
Below are some of our parents who would like to share their experiences that they have with our School.    

Parent from Australia

"We have three boys studying here at St. Mark’s, and when we came to the school we were wanting to have the school that helps our children learn holistically in all aspects of their lives. So when we thought about the subjects that they learn, their mental and their knowledge that they would gain from St. Mark’s we were really pleased. The other aspect that we like about the school was that social or cultural because we are from Australia and we came to Thailand. We want our boys to be able to live in with Thai culture and meet some Thai friends. And also International, they have friends from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, America, and everywhere. "

Parent from Australia

"My wife and I were very impressed with St. Mark’s from the beginning. That’s why we sent our children here. I have to say the level of professionalism throughout the school has exceeded our expectation. They seem to be true educators here. And I think the school environment, a parent cannot ask anything more than that. We are going to return to Australia eventually, as a family, and we do so comfortable to the knowledge that our children will have a very strong foundation to build on because of St. Mark’s."

Parents of Students in our High School Program

At a recent High School meeting, 3 families with children in primary and secondary levels shared the experiences they have with our school. Here are their endorsements.

Parent from Brazil

"One of the main things we chose St. Mark’s was because of the language. So, Lucas already had Mandarin background because we lived in China for a few years. Because of the language the Mandarin curriculum, it is the reason we put him over here. And he actually improved a lot. Now learning Thai as a foreign language for him, not as a first language, he is really enjoying his teacher and knowing how to buy ice cream on street. So, we think that the language has actually been a great advantage for him."
Parent from Australia

"St. Mark's International School's academic standard is extremely high. The staff at St. Mark's International School have an on-going commitment to do whatever they can to ensure that our children are going to get the best possible education."

Parent from Singapore

"St. Mark's International School ensures learning in every domain. St. Mark's International School ensures that every child grow holistically, not just only focusing on academic result.  St. Mark's International School has a very conducive learning environment and a beautiful community."

Parent from Singapore

"St. Mark's International School uses Singapore's Mandarin, Singapore's Mathematics, and Singapore's Science program.  I trust in the high standard of education at St. Mark's International School because former students of St. Mark's International School were able to enter into top high schools in Singapore."

Parent from England

"There are 3 things that set St. Mark's International School apart from other international schools.  
Firstly, the quality of education at St. Mark's International School is of a very high standard. Secondly, our family appreciates the warmth and friendly atmosphere at St. Mark's International School.  Thirdly, St. Mark's International School offers a quality tri-lingual program in Mandarin, English and Thai. 
St. Mark's International School adopts Australian curriculum, which is very close to the British curriculum.  St. Mark's International School uses Singapore's Mathematics program and Singapore's Mandarin Program.  The Thai curriculum taught at St. Mark's International School is taught to the Thai Ministry of Education's standard. 
St. Mark's International School maintains a high spoken English standard among the students.  The Mandarin curriculum is of a very high standard, and this has enables our daughter to be able to read and write in Mandarin, after learning Mandarin for just a year."

Parent from Germany

"What I like about St. Mark's International School is the Christian values that the School teaches. This is meaningful and important to us. Another thing which I like about St. Mark's International School is its Australian curriculum and Singapore's curriculum. At the same time, St. Mark's International School has a strong Thai curriculum. Lastly, St. Mark's International School has a good Chinese Mandarin curriculum."
Parent from Japan

"The first time we visited the school, everyone warmly welcomed us. St. Mark's International School's staff takes care of my daughter like their own child, which I really appreciate."
Parent from Indonesia

"St. Mark's International School has been helping my daughter to achieve a good standard of learning and to become more independent. There is a good relationship among the teachers and the students here at St. Mark's International School.  We are happy to be in St. Mark's International School."