School Facilities


Our facilities are equipped with a sports gymnasium, an artificial turf soccer field and a salt-water swimming pool, providing excellent facilities for effective teaching and learning of a variety of physical activities. 


Besides our bright and airy library, the school has a variety of other special facilities for extra-curricular subjects such as piano, Thai music and dance, computers, science and art. The science laboratory has assisted our science students in learning through practical work discovery, which allows our students to understand their lessons through hands-on experiences. These facilities enhance our students' experience and understanding of their daily learning.


Modern Library

Our modern library is well-resourced and includes selections not only in English but in Thai and Mandarin as well.



Salt-Water Swimming Pool

Our salt-water swimming pool provides not only the chance to learn to swim but also needed refreshment and play during the day.



Indoor Gymnasium

Our gymnasium is used for physical education and the learning and practising of various games and sports.  It is also used for assembly of the entire student body either for instruction or play.  Our periodic school events also take place in our gymnasium.



Soccer Field

Our soccer field is used for instruction in various sports including taekwondo and soccer.  It is also utilised in our physical education program as well as our annual  Sports Day.  It is also used for general play and exercise.



Playground & Equipment

Our little ones enjoy our playground.  Here they can go up and down, slide and zoom!  This helps with the development of socialisation skills in the Early Years.



Science Laboratory


Our well-resourced science laboratory provides the opportunity to explore and understand our world; from chemistry to physics, biology to gardening, our students love to understand their world.



Piano Room


Our Piano Room allows all of our students the chance to learn to play the piano as well as the keyboards.  Here they learn self-discipline as well as rhythm and notes.


Technology Room

Our Technology Room is equipped with modern computers with individualised audio headsets and internet connection.   It is used for teaching technology classes to our students.  At the same time, students also enjoy learning from the extension work in technology on subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Sciences.




Thai Music and Dance Room



Our Thai Music and Dance room is used in the teaching of Thai musical instruments as well as Thai dance and culture.



Modern Canteen


Our bright airy canteen is where our students enjoy their lunch as well as their snack times.  Our little ones also use this facility for learning to cook simple dishes.



Basketball Court


The basketball court is ideally situated for play both during and after school. At lunch time we can also practice with both Ball Games ECA members and non-members.



Common Room


Our Common Room is set up as a social area with tables, chairs, and sofas for meeting and working on group projects along with a football table and table-tennis tables for student enjoyment.





The garden area next to the Secondary Building is designed to give students the chance to plant trees and vegetation to help beautify our campus.



Outdoor Recreation Area


The design of the new green outdoor area includes artificial grass covering, trees, and a fish pond where our students come and relax during snack and lunch break time.