Our Philosophy


Guided by Christian philosophy, St. Mark's International School aims to provide quality early years through secondary education, enabling each student to achieve their fullest potential by becoming confident, motivated, optimistic and responsible young citizens.



Our Values


Caring for each individual and recognising their unique worth



Being guided by Christian principles



Enjoying Learning



Providing educational opportunities embracing the academic, cultural and physical



Striving for excellence in all facets of school life



Developing the skills necessary for critical thinking and a lifetime of educational pursuits



Displaying truth, integrity and compassion



Facing challenges and learning from experience



Providing equal opportunity for admission with no regard for race or national origin



Being involved in citienship and service to others



Promoting environmental awareness






Our Goals



Enabling each student to feel safe and confident in pursuing learning



Enabling students to practise critical thinking and develop a lifelong love of learning



Enabling each student to explore and develop spiritually through knowledge and appreciation of Christian philosophy, while being affirming and tolerant of differing values



Developing leadership, teamwork and research skills in a range of settings



Fostering healthy attitudes which enable students to respect one another, develop resilience enjoy school life and approach the future as responsible caring citizens



Equipping students with the flexibility to thrive in a changing world



Fostering responsibility through values-centered education



Recognising effort, achievement and success